UTAR Staff Long Service and Excellence Awards Ceremony 2023

UTAR Staff Long Service and Excellence Awards Ceremony 2023 was held on 2 August 2023 at UTAR Kampar Campus. 

For the very first time, the ceremony was live online via MS Teams. Staff members, who are unable to participate in the ceremony physically, were able to join the ceremony online to celebrate this joyous occasion. 

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20 Years Long Service Award
No Fac/Dept Name Category Campus
1 FICT Sun Teik Heng @ San Teik Heng Academic CKP
2 ITISC Ko Chin Hock Administrative CKP
3 DEAS Lau Siew Yung Administrative CSL
4 FAM Er Pek Hoon Academic CSL
5 FBF Ng Lee Peng Academic CKP
6 ITISC Chin Moon Khiang Administrative CSL
7 FCI Sharon Jacqueline a/p Albert Wilson Academic CSL
8 FCI Thinavan a/l Periyayya Academic CSL

10 Years Long Service Award
No Fac/Dept Name Category Campus
1 FBF K.Raja Kumar a/l K.Kathiravelu Academic CKP
2 ICS Wong Lih Lih Academic CKP
3 FBF Maisarah Syazwani Binti Othman Academic CKP
4 CFS-SL Wahida Binti Abd Halim Academic CSL
5 FAS Bazlin Darina Binti Ahmad Tajudin Academic CKP
6 DEF-SL Suhairizal Bin Jamian Administrative CSL
7 CFS-KPR Lim Kun Yin Academic CKP
8 IAD Tamil Kodi a/p Govindasamy Administrative CSL
9 DSA-KPR Ngan Mun Fong Administrative CKP
10 MK FMHS Ooi Ciat Hui Academic CSL
11 DGS-SL Nadhirah Hayati Binti Khalid Administrative CSL
12 LIB Farhana Binti Suhaimi Administrative CSL
13 FAM Madeline Kelly Anak Sug Administrative CSL
14 CFS-SL Anussyia a/p Muthiah Academic CSL
15 MK FMHS Saaratha A/P Nadarajan Administrative CSL
16 FSc Nurul Illiana Binti Mazlishah Administrative CKP
17 FBF Jamie Anne a/p James Michael Academic CKP
18 FSc Ooi Ai Lin Academic CKP
19 LKC FES Leong Hung Sek Academic CSL
20 FCI Annie Wong Kai Sze Academic CSL
21 ICS Tan Beng Piou Academic CKP
22 FBF Tan Min Khen Academic CKP
23 CCCD Sakunthala A/P Kalingan Administrative CSL
24 LIB Toh Guek Ling Administrative CSL
25 DEF-SL Mohd Shahril Bin Samad Administrative CSL
26 MK FMHS Ng Foong Leng Academic CSL
27 FICT Gan Ming Lee Academic CKP
28 DSS-KPR Rosli Bin Dawood Administrative CKP
29 FSc Nurfarhana Binti Ahmad Administrative CKP
30 DCCPR Saravani a/p Selvam Administrative CKP
31 LKC FES Ng Oon-Ee Academic CSL
32 FEGT Norazuani Binti Zaharudin Administrative CKP
33 FEGT Hasriani Binti Hassan Administrative CKP
34 FBF Ng Kin Yue Administrative CKP
35 FBF Hew Jun Jie Academic CKP
36 CFS-SL Tan Chun Yuan Academic CSL
37 FICT Lim Khong Guan Administrative CKP
38 FBF Aminuddin Bin Ahmad Academic CKP
39 CFS-SL Abdolrasool Taghvaee Academic CSL
40 IAD Umar Bin Masran Administrative CSL
41 FCI Tan Han Keong Academic CSL
42 LKC FES Yap Yeow Hong Academic CSL
43 DGS-SL Nurul Hafizah Azlin Binti Sezali Administrative CSL
44 FCI Liew Wui Chern Academic CSL
45 FAS Yvonne Hoh Jgin Jit Academic CKP
46 CSDS Nur Akma Binti Mohd Yusof Administrative CSL
47 CFS-SL Norkhalidah Binti Jamali Academic CSL
48 ITISC Nurul Akma Binti Aminudin Administrative CSL
49 CFS-KPR Rachel Tham Jia-Hui Academic CKP
50 FBF Chia Mei Si Academic CKP
51 FSc Lim Shun Jinn Academic CKP
52 FBF Chin Lai Kwan Academic CKP
53 FICT Saw Seow Hui Academic CKP
54 CFS-SL Nurul Afidah Binti Mohd Sebry Academic CSL
55 CSDS Siti Fazilah Binti Baharuddin Administrative CSL
56 FEGT Haw Pei Li Academic CKP
57 MK FMHS Teh Hui Xin Administrative CSL
58 DFN Wong Sook Har Administrative CSL
59 FCI Priscilla a/p Moses Academic CSL
60 FCI Yee Sook Fen Academic CSL
61 FAM Raja Nurul Aini Binti Raja Aziz Academic CSL
62 CFS-KPR Remie Lee Ren-Yi Academic CKP
63 CFS-KPR Chung Zi Ling Academic CKP
64 FBF Chitrah a/p Krishnan Academic CKP
65 CFS-KPR Nor Habibi Saadah Binti Musa Academic CKP
66 DFN Leong Min Yee Administrative CKP
67 DCCPR Loke Mun Sin Administrative CKP
68 DARP Leong Lai Pin Administrative CKP
69 LIB Semion Pangiran Administrative CSL
70 FAM Amalina Binti Azmi Academic CSL
71 FEGT Choon Chee Ming Administrative CKP
72 LIB Sin Hoong Kong Administrative CKP
73 LKC FES Abdul Rahim Bin Mohd Zin Academic CSL
74 DISS-SL Farhana Binti Husin Administrative CSL
75 MK FMHS Sheela Devi a/p Sukuru Academic CSL
76 MK FMHS Shamala a/p Baskaran Academic CSL
77 DHR Teoh Hoe Saik Administrative CKP
78 CFS-SL Ong Kiah Ju Academic CSL
79 CSDS Chew Tu Yee Administrative CSL
80 LIB Ngo Xin Yi Administrative CKP
81 FAS Teh Su Yen Academic CKP
82 LKC FES Lim Poh Im Academic CSL
83 FCI Mohd Taufik Bin Basar Administrative CSL
84 DCCPR Tan Yong Ling Administrative CKP
85 DQAA Jayalechumi a/p Gunasegaran Administrative CSL
86 LKC FES Ng Tan Ching Academic CSL
87 IPSR Tan Lee Teng Administrative CSL
88 CFS-SL Amelia Chiang Kar Mun Academic CSL
89 ICS Chin Chong Foh Academic CSL
90 FCI Saw Teck Chew Academic CSL
91 FAM Yow Taw Onn Academic CSL
92 LKC FES Ng Kooi Huat Academic CSL
93 DGS-SL Nur Shafarina Binti Abdul Wahab Administrative CSL
94 DACE Chan Wai Mun Administrative CKP
95 DACE Mohamad Farid Bin Saidan Administrative CKP
96 FCI Jamela Begam Binti Oli Muhamad Academic CSL
97 DSFA Tan Wear Sim Administrative CSL
98 FCI Asha a/p M. Vanugopal Academic CSL
99 DARP Lee Wan Poh Administrative CSL
100 FAS Lee Lai Meng Academic CKP
101 FEGT Tan Pey Yi Administrative CKP
102 FSc Lam Weng Siew Academic CKP
103 LKC FES Mohd Azhar Bin Mohamad Saleh Administrative CSL
104 CFS-SL Harttini Neeni Binti Hatta Academic CSL
105 DARP Ong Yin Hway Administrative CSL
106 MK FMHS Jenny Parameshvara Deva @ nee Ng Gek Pheng Academic CSL
107 FBF Kogilavani a/p Apadore Academic CKP
108 DSA-SL Chow Keng Fatt Administrative CSL
109 DQAA Lam Soon Wai Administrative CKP
110 FBF Kong Yin Mei Academic CKP
111 FCI Muhammad Fathi Bin Jamal Abdul Nasir Administrative CSL
112 CFS-SL Ling Kock Sheng Academic CSL
113 LKC FES Woon Kai Siong Academic CSL
114 DHR We Chin Yong, Alex Administrative CSL
115 MK FMHS Veronica Poulsaeman Academic CSL

UTAR Excellence Awards 2022



Faculty/ Division



Award 2022

Dr Yamuna a/p Munusamy (Innovator)

Dr Mathialagan a/l Muniyadi (Co-innovator)


Note: The innovation project consists of the above 2 recipients. The 2 recipients shall be presented with a certificate and a trophy each, and the cash prize shall be shared equally among them.





Award 2022

Category of Social Science, Arts, Humanities, Management and Accounting Dr Tan Chee Seng




Category of Science, Engineering, Technology and Medicine Ir Dr Huang Yuk Feng




E - Learning


Award 2022

Category of Management, Accountancy, Business and


Dr Abdelhak Senadjki




Category of Social Science, Arts and Humanity 

Mr Lee Kin Keong






Award 2022

Category of Pure Sciences 

Dr Tan Chun Hui 

Ms Catherine See 





Category of Applied Sciences and Technology  

Mr Phoon Sheong Wei 

Mr Teoh Shen Khang 





Category of  Engineering 

Dr Ng Oon-Ee 




Category of Medicine and Health Sciences

 Mr Leu Kim Fey 




Category of Arts and Social Science 

Puan Nazreena Binti Mohammed Yasin 





Category of Communication, Business and Management 

Ms Diong Fong Wei 

Ms Chan Wan Ling






Category of Arts & Creativity 

Ms Yip Chan Ling




Staff Service


Award 2022

Administrative Staff (Category A) 

Ms Poon Jia Sying, May, Assistant Manager

Ms Yeow Sze Min, Assistant Manager 


Note: The Staff Service Excellence Award for Category A consists of the above 2 recipients. The 2 recipients shall be presented with a certificate and a trophy each, and the cash prize shall be shared equally among them.





Support and General Staff (Category B, C and D) 

Ms Komathi A/P Rethinam, Administrative Assistant III






The recipients of these awards will receive the following:

a)       A Cash Prize of RM 1,000.00

b)      A Certificate of Acknowlegement.

c)       A Trophy 

The University is pleased to announce that the Centre for Healthcare Science and Technology (CHST) has been awarded the UTAR Research Centre Excellence Award 2022. As the recipient of the award, CHST will receive a grant of RM 100,000.00 for research centre in the field of Science and Technology (S&T). 


In addition, a Special Mention Award for research centres in the field of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (non-S&T) would be awarded to the Centre for Applied Psychology (CAP). 


The University would like to congratulate all the award recipients.