DOs & DON'Ts for Staff Members

Staff Dress Code

The objective of the dress code is to enable the staff members of the University to project a positive and professional image of the University. The University believes that the appearance of it staff members send a clear message on the quality and professionalism that the University aims to project. 

The University has established a Guideline On UTAR Staff Dress Code, which may be viewed in the Staff Intranet (Web2) under UTAR Policies -> DHR.

Online Staff Leave and Attendance Administration

The online staff leave and attendance administration procedure apply to all UTAR staff under the full time appointment. The online attendance and leave application system in the University's intranet Web2 is used to administer and record staff members' leave and attendance. 

The Procedure On Online Staff Leave And Attendance Administration is available to be viewed at staff intranet (Web2) under UTAR policies -> DHR.

Leave Justification

In all cases and where applicable, the University shall require relevant supporting documents from the staff members to justify the respective leave application. 

If it is found that leave applied were not used for its intended purpose, the university shall take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant University's Rules and Regulations.

Absence Without Leave

A staff member shall be deemed to have broken his contract of employment with the University, if he has been continuously absent from work for more than two (2) consecutive working days without prior leave from the University, unless he has a reasonable excuse for such absence and has informed or attempted to inform the University of such excuse prior to or earliest opportunity during such absence.

Examination Invigilation

Academic staff members may be required to perform examination invigilation duties as and when assigned by the Division of Examinations and Awards (DEAS). 

The University has established a Guidelines on Examination Invigilation Delinquencies, which is available in the staff intranet (Web2).

Internet Usage in Workplace

The computer system and the internet services provided by the University to the staff members are strictly for work related purposes only. Generally, staff members are prohibited from accessing non-work related websites, such as for gaming purpose, for stock trading purpose, and personal purpose. 

The University has established a Guidelines For Internet Usage, which can be viewed at the staff intranet under UTAR Policies - DHR.

Social Media

Social networking in general has changed the way on how people communicate with each another. Many staff members on personal accord created their own private social media accounts in websites for social networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc) to share information and to communicate online. 

The University has established a Policy on Social Media For Staff, which can be viewed in the Staff Intranet (Web2) under UTAR Policies -> DHR.

Conflict of Interest

It is the policy of the University that staff members must ensure that they are free from conflict of interests, which could adversely influence their judgment, objectivity or loyalty to the University in conducting all matters and activities. The Conflict of Interest is defined as any situation in which a staff member is in a position to exploit his or her professional or official capacity in some way for his or her personal gain or benefit or interest. 

The University has established a Policy On Conflict Of Interest, which may be viewed at the Staff Intranet (Web2).