UTAR Staff Long Service and Excellence Awards Ceremony 2022

UTAR came back physically to celebrate the decade-long service of its staff as well as the teaching and research excellence of academics during the UTAR Staff Long Service and Excellence Awards 2022 ceremony held at UTAR Sungai Long and Kampar Campuses on 31 May 2022 and 1 June 2022 respectively.  


1 CFS-SL Praveena Nair a/p Prebakarran Academic CSL
2 CSDS Ho Wai Hoong Administrative CSL
3 CSDS Abd Rahim Bin Mohamad Hazizi Administrative CSL
4 DCCPR Ong Soo Weon Administrative CSL
5 DEF-SL Rosli Bin Mohd Sa'aid Administrative CSL
6 DEF-SL Azman Bin Muhammad Administrative CSL
7 DEF-SL Rosli Bin Abd Gani Administrative CSL
8 DEF-SL Mohd Zaharudin Bin Zainal Abidin Administrative CSL
9 DEF-SL Zamri Bin Bakri Administrative CSL
10 DEF-SL Mohd Azmi Bin Taharuddin Administrative CSL
11 DGS-SL Nurnadia Binti Mazlan Administrative CSL
12 DPP Norlaila Binti Ismail Administrative CSL
13 DPP Lee Choy Fong Administrative CSL
14 DSA-SL Navamani a/p Nagappon Administrative CSL
15 DSA-SL Norazilah Binti Adnan Administrative CSL
16 FAM Ooi Bee Chen Academic CSL
17 FCI Aloysius Yapp Academic CSL
18 FCI Yang Suk Lan Academic CSL
19 FCI Munirah Binti Zulkifli Academic CSL
20 FCI Soon Thean Bee Academic CSL
21 FMHS Jagjit Kaur a/p Najar Singh Academic CSL
22 FMHS Yang Zao Academic CSL
23 FMHS Thaw Zin Academic CSL
24 FMHS Nizar Abdul Majeed Kutty Academic CSL
25 FMHS Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Jabbar Academic CSL
26 IPSR Zuraini Binti Mohmad Shari Administrative CSL
27 IPSR Azahian Binti Abdul Kadir Administrative CSL
28 ITISC Kow Khe Kheng Administrative CSL
29 ITISC Letchumy A/P Paramal Administrative CSL
30 ITISC Nuruldirayah Binti Md Hairi Administrative CSL
31 LKC FES Lee Tin Sin Academic CSL
32 LKC FES Kam Heng Keong Academic CSL
33 LKC FES Huang Yuk Feng Academic CSL
34 LKC FES Sim Jia Huey Academic CSL
35 LKC FES Mohd Hafizul Bin Rameli Administrative CSL
36 RDC Mohd Yusri Bin Che Ismail Administrative CSL
37 RGO Hamiza Zaira Binti Hamzah Administrative CSL

1 CEE Mohanambikay A/P Pandian Administrative CKP
2 CEE Potchselvi a/p Narasimmalu Administrative CKP
3 CFS-KPR Archuna a/p Subramaniam Academic CKP
4 CFS-KPR Chooi Wen Xin Academic CKP
5 CFS-KPR Haw Ai Peng Academic CKP
6 CFS-KPR Noorfadzlyah Binti Ahmad Academic CKP
7 CFS-KPR Sarah Binti Shamshul Anwar Academic CKP
8 CFS-KPR Lim Khiew Loon Academic CKP
9 CFS-KPR Thiagarajan a/l Viran Academic CKP
10 CFS-KPR Ainulhikmah Binti Jamaludin Administrative CKP
11 DEAS Peter Chan Seng Yip Administrative CKP
12 DEF-KPR Alagesan a/l Mahalinggam Administrative CKP
13 DEF-KPR Leong Kum Loon Administrative CKP
14 DEF-KPR Mohd Nazri Bin Mohd Hanafiah Administrative CKP
15 DFN Chai Tze Tze Administrative CKP
16 DGS-KPR Ramlee Bin Osman Administrative CKP
17 DGS-KPR Hoo Kar Chong Administrative CKP
18 DGS-KPR Othman bin Ainon Administrative CKP
19 DHR Nor Hidayana Binti Abu Khalipah Administrative CKP
20 DHR Lam Foong Yee Administrative CKP
21 DHR Ho Swee Phang Administrative CKP
22 DSA-KPR Phoon Sau Wai Administrative CKP
23 DSSC-KPR Lee Chew Yee Administrative CKP
24 FAS Pong Kok Shiong Academic CKP
25 FAS Norlis Binti Ismail Academic CKP
26 FAS Nur Aizuri Binti Md Azmin Academic CKP
27 FAS Chang Yi Chang Academic CKP
28 FAS Cheung Fong Hoe Administrative CKP
29 FAS Foong Soon Seng Academic CKP
30 FAS Diong Fong Wei Academic CKP
31 FAS Raphael Thoo Yi Xian Academic CKP
32 FAS Rafidah Binti Abdul Razak Academic CKP
33 FBF Lee Ah Suat Academic CKP
34 FBF Che Siti Lazrina Bt Md Lazim Academic CKP
35 FBF Woo Kok Hoong Academic CKP
36 FBF Suhaili Binti Mohd Hussin Academic CKP
37 FBF Tang Siu Eng Academic CKP
38 FBF Thanaletchumi a/p R.Letchumanan Academic CKP
39 FBF William Choo Keng Soon Academic CKP
40 FBF Hatijah Binti Mohamed Salleh Academic CKP
41 FBF Tan Yan Teng Academic CKP
42 FBF Seow Ai Na Academic CKP
43 FBF Yong Wai Juen Administrative CKP
44 FBF Adi Wira Bin Mohd Zin Academic CKP
45 FBF Ng Yen Hong Academic CKP
46 FBF Wong Tai Seng Academic CKP
47 FBF Ramesh Kumar a/l Moona Haji Mohamed @ Rajoo Academic CKP
48 FEGT Lo Po Kim Academic CKP
49 FEGT Au Chui Ling Administrative CKP
50 FEGT Tan Kok Tat Academic CKP
51 FEGT Loh Siu Hong Academic CKP
52 FEGT Mohammed J. K. Bashir Academic CKP
53 FEGT Wai Soon Han Academic CKP
54 FICT Abdul Rahman Bin Rashid Administrative CKP
55 FICT Tan Hung Khoon Academic CKP
56 FICT Ooi Joo On Academic CKP
57 FICT Tan Boon Ghee Administrative CKP
58 FICT Leung Kar Hang Academic CKP
59 FICT Soong Hoong Cheng Academic CKP
60 FSc Nur Izzati Bt Shari Administrative CKP
61 FSc Tey Lai Hock Academic CKP
62 FSc Nor Ismaliza Binti Mohd Ismail Academic CKP
63 FSc Eddy Cheah Seong Guan Academic CKP
64 FSc Ng Wen Jie Academic CKP
65 FSc Tan Gim Cheong Academic CKP
66 FSc Beh Woan Lin Academic CKP
67 FSc Kokila a/p Thiagarajah Academic CKP
68 FSc Azida Illyani Binti Anas Academic CKP
69 ICS Woo Jen Lin Administrative CKP

The University is pleased to announce the results of the UTAR Excellence Awards for the year 2021 as follows:





Innovation Excellence Award 2021

Ir Dr Wong Jianhui


Research Excellence Award 2021

Category of Science, Engineering, Technology and Medicine


Dr Tee Yee Kai






Category of Social Science, Arts, Humanities, Management and Accounting


Dr Cheah Phaik Kin






E-Learning Excellence Award 2021

Category of Management, Accountancy, Business and Finance


Mr Lee Yoon Heng






Category of Science, Engineering and Technology


Dr Aun Yichiet





Teaching Excellence Award 2021

For Each Centre/Institute/Faculty:


Ms Sheela Devi a/p Sukuru




Ms Beh Hooi Ching


Dr Chin Hon Choong


Dr Swagata Sinha Roy


Dr Tan Ji


Ir Ts Dr Leong Kah Hon


Ts Dr Lim Ean Heng


Dr Zam Zuriyati Binti Mohamad


Ms Yvonne Hoh Jgin Jit


Dr Ling Liong Ngo


Ms Precilla a/p Rovat @ Robert


Mr Pan Wai Seng


Staff Service Excellence Award 2021

Administrative Staff  (Category A):


Ms Flora Dicka, Manager

Mr Prakash a/l Rama, Senior Assistant Manager


Note: The Staff Service Excellence Award for Category A consists of the above 2 recipients. The 2 recipients shall be presented with a certificate and a trophy each, and the cash prize shall be shared equally between the 2 recipients.






Support and General Staff (Category B, C and D):


Encik Mohd Zaini Bin Zainul Abidin,
Senior Laboratory Assistant I





The recipients of these awards will receive the following: 

(a)     A Cash Prize of RM1,000.00. 

(b)     A Certificate of Acknowledgement.

(c)     A Trophy.

The University would like to congratulate all the award recipients.