Employment Pass for Expatriate Staff


All expatriate staff members employed by the University must apply for an employment pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department. The application for the employment pass will be submitted via DHR and the expatriate staff member is required to furnish all the supporting documents listed in the checklist.

Supporting Documents Checklist (New Application)

  1. Passport size photo (2 pcs) 
  2. Photocopy of latest passport including all blank pages 
  3. Applicant's resume 
  4. Photocopy of Academic Certificates 
  5. Medical Report 
  6. Undated copy of Acceptance of Appointment with UTAR For applicant who has just ended/terminated his contract of service with an institution in Malaysia, the following is required. 
  7. Photocopy of resignation letter 
  8. Original copy of Release letter from his previous employer If applicant wishes to bring his spouse and/or children to Malaysia with him, the following is required. 
  9. Photos of dependent(s) (2 pcs) 
  10. Photocopy of latest passport including all blank pages of dependent(s) 
  11. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (certified true copy*) 
  12. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (certified true copy*) *For applicant outside Malaysia - to be certified by Malaysian Embassy/Consulate. For applicant in Malaysia - to be certified by the applicant's own country Embassy/Consulate.

Supporting Documents Checklist (Renewal Application)

  1. All the supporting documents as per New Application and
  2. 3 months latest salary slip
  3. Original copy of Income Tax Return (EA Form)