Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Medical Treatment Matters


Q:  Can staff seek medical treatment from a non-panel clinic/hospital?

A:  Staff are currently allowed to seek treatment at a non-UTAR panel clinic if the distance to a UTAR panel clinic exceeds 10 km or if there is an emergency such as accidents and life threatening medical conditions. If there is no panel doctor within 10km from the home/office the staff can see non-panel general practitioner (GP) (not specialist) near home/office but  the claim MUST be supported by original receipt from the clinic and an application to state the reason for visiting the non-panel clinic. During an emergency (accidents and life threatening medical conditions) a staff can go to the nearest available clinic or hospital including non panel clinic and hospital but need to go back to the panel doctor for the follow up, unless special approval is given.

Q:  Staff must get permission from the university before being hospitalized in a UTAR panel hospital. Is it possible to seek treatment directly at the UTAR panel hospital, instead of getting a referral first from UTAR panel clinic?

A:  A staff can go directly to a UTAR panel hospital only if it is an emergency. Otherwise a panel clinic's referral is needed for the purpose of issuing a guarantee letter to a registered UTAR panel hospital.



 Mileage Claim Matters


Q:  How do I claim for mileage and subsistence allowance?

A:  i. Mileage Claim

        Claims have to be made on a monthly basis as payment for mileage is calculated based on total

        kilometer per month multiply by the rate per kilometer


        Example : mileage claim in Jan'14 is 1120 km


        Calculation based on:-

        The 1st 500km @ RM0.60 per km          =  RM300.00

        Subsequent 150km @ RM0.55 per km   =  RM 82.50

        Subsequent 150km @ RM0.50 per km   =  RM 75.00 

        After 800km, 320km @ RM0.45 per km =  RM144.00

        Total of 1120 km                                        =  RM601.50   


     ii. Subsistence allowance

         A staff member who is required to perform official duties at locations BEYOND A RADIUS OF 50KM

        from his normal place of work for more than 8 hours but less than 24 hours can claim for subsistence



Q:  Staff who performs official duty on their off day, rest day and public holiday, are they allowed to claim mileage to and fro home to campus?

A:  No. Staff member is not entitled to the mileage claim from home to campus (to and fro) as per current practice on mileage claims. However, if the official duty is to be done away from campus, mileage claim is allowed.



Leave Matters


Q:  Can a staff carry forward all annual leave to the following year?

A:  Yes, all full time staff (Category A, B, C and D) are allowed to carry forward leave balance up to full annual leave entitlement of one year to the next year. For example, leave entitlement for Category A is 20 days and staff has a leave balance of 22 days, only 20 days will be allowed to carry forward to the following year. Leave carried forward to a particular year and not utilized during the year shall be forfeited.


Q:  Can a staff claim for compensation leave for performing official duties required by the University on a non working day?

A:  Only staff members who are not eligible for overtime payment may claim for compensation leave subject  to the following:

i)  Minimum of four (4) hours or more but less than eight(8) hours, staff entitled to half-day (1/2) Compensation Leave

ii) Duties stretching for 8 hours or more (inclusive of lunch break), staff entitled to one (1) day of Compensation Leave


Q: Can a staff (including expatriate staff) apply for compassionate leave in the event of death in the family?

A:  Yes, 2 consecutive working days of compassionate leave is allowed subject to approval from the HoD.


Q:  What is the total number of days allowed for medical and hospitalization leave?

A:  The total number of days allowed for medical and hospitalization leave is 60 days which is inclusive of Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday per calendar year.


Q: How is maternity leave computed?

A: According to EA1955 Sec.37 (1), a female employee is entitled to 60 consecutive days of maternity leave. This includes Sat/Sun/Public Holidays in computation the 60 days.